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Friday, 2 December 2011

Akron AA Intergroup leads members away from Traditions

News Special!

Akron AA Intergroup Leads Members Away From Traditions (AA’s officially going Religious Big Business)

Shop online for all your pre-tradition goodies at https://shop.akronaa.org/ -- Your friendly online 12 step store. Note the Absolute absence of any AA Conference approved literature, not one item, absolutely zilch. But then you wouldn’t expect an AA intergroup to muddle up outside products with conference approved literature in the same shop and then call the shop AA would you? Now that would be against tradition six and one hell of a hodgepodge wouldn’t it?

· Audio · Bookmarks & Souveniers · Coins · Gift Certificate

· Historical Pamphlets · Postcards · Prayers & Cards · Reproductions

· Video

Handles & Hodge Podge $1.25 Four Absolutes (Asian) $ 1.50 Bill & Bob Coin $2.25 Camel Story $2.25 Evening Prayer Magnet $2.00 My Quiet Time $0.20 The Four Absolutes $0.50 If God Spoke To AA $0.20 Gallery Prints: Box $10.00 Gift Certificate $5.00 to $50.00

Gift Certificates from $5.00 to $50.00 can be purchased for friends, sponsors, or sponsees.

Best sellers: Postcard Man On Bed $ 0.75 (Postcard of the stained glass window of The Man on the Bed at the Akron Intergroup Office) Founders' Day Postcard $0.50 (This 4″x6″ postcard contains a collection of photographs from the 75th Anniversary Founders' Day held in June of 2010)

And much much more….

Shipping Policy We ship most in-stock items within 48 hours (Monday - Saturday, excluding holidays), and on occasions when we can't, we'll let you know.

Shipping Fees Our shipping charges are based on standard UPS or U.S. Mail rates (where applicable), which are based on package weight, size, and distance.

Rush Delivery At this time, 2-Day Express Delivery and Overnight Express Delivery options are only available for phone orders.

International Delivery Akron Intergroup does not currently offer international shipping directly from our online store. Please call 1.330.253.8181 to place an order outside the United States.
(Shipments outside the U.S. are subject to extra shipping, handling charges, and fees. Each order is processed individually. Duties and value-added taxes may be required and are the responsibility of the customer.)

Return and Exchange Policy All sales are final.

Conditions of Use All items in our store are subject to copyright... They are intended for personal use only and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the copyright holder. Call or email Akron Intergroup for more information.

How to Send Gift Certificates

To send a Gift Certificate you need to go to our Send Gift Certificate Page. You can find the link to this page in the Shopping Cart Box in the right hand column of each page. When you send a Gift Certificate, you need to specify the following. The name of the person you are sending the Gift Certificate to. The email address of the person you are sending the Gift Certificate to. The amount you want to send. (Note you don't have to send the full amount that is in your Gift Certificate Account.) A short message which will appear in the email. Please ensure that you have entered all of the information correctly, although you will be given the opportunity to change this as much as you want before the email is actually sent.

Comment: For once our jaws have dropped, we’re absolutely speechless. Whatever happened to Tradition Six? Note the absence of promotional gimmicks at New York intergroup: http://www.nyintergroup.org/ ….Not the first time New York’s shown the Akron boys the AA way is it? Remember 1937?

Our usual thanks to the AA member for bringing this enterprising, traditions deviant intergroup to our attention. Were sure they’ll appreciate the extra promotion. More on Akron Sentimental Gimmicks Inc. coming soon… Once we get past their Christmas specials, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2012.


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

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