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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Just in case you hadn't noticed......

Yep we've shifted our main website domain name to the blog. So if you click on "aacultwatch" you'll be getting the blog from now on.

Reasons why you ask?

1) Sloth - the blog format is a natural for our Stop Press section - we've only just noticed! The more static sections of the site can be placed on pages appended to the blog so no changes there ... so less work!
2) Greed - the blog costs nothing and the domain name is cheapo cheapo! Website hosting costs via Microsoft were about to go up by a large percentage... they've already got quite enough money!
3) Anger - we had a big argument and decided to make the move
4) Gluttony - we wanted more of less.....
5) Envy - we suffer from low self-esteem and we just had to have a proper blog all to ourselves - well why shouldn't we ......eh eh eh!
6) Pride - well we are pretty damn good when we come to think about it!
7) Lust - ooooh - what a sexy blog you are!!

Not bad eh? The full set!

Plus we couldn't really see the point in so much unnecessary duplication

As for the almost unmentionably cack-handed way we went about it ..... now you see us now you don't...... let's just put it down to sheer amateurishness - plus we didn't ask our sponsors before we went and gone and done it! Wellll.. what do you expect?

But seriously we'll be making some changes to layouts and so on and so forth - plus revising dead links, downloads, moving sections, adding stuff, subtracting stuff etc etc. We'll also be taking the opportunity to make the blog as user friendly as possible. So bear with us for the new few days.... weeks.... months.... years...... All will be revealed


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS If you get any resentments because of all of this you know what to do don't you??