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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Plymouth Road to Recovery cult group (contd)

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Our correspondent observes:

The Plymouth Road to Recovery Group is where arrogance masquerades as sobriety.
It is where many young men are controlled and kept in line.
It is where people are told that if they leave they will drink again.
It is where people are ordered to attend meetings.
It is where people are ordered to place commitment to the group before commitment to family or outside interest.
It is where fear dominates and is used by Wayne P, Alexis K and Jon F to keep their empire intact.
It is these three that have covered up a fraud commited by one of their sponsees in the sum of £14,000.”


Plymouth R2R have concerned themselves, for many years, with 'Questions for Conference' and have ignored the many questions for R2R.

Wayne P (Caesar) on facebook strikes back at those who oppose him. He now has a loyal gang of followers who he will one day lead into the gates of his own insanity.”


A 'safe' pair of hands!

Plymouth Road To Recovery Intergroup have taken steps to ensure that there will be no further acts of fraud committed. They have voted in one of their own members (Ben B) as the new Chairperson. Ben's greatest asset for the post is his sheer arrogance, which is an absolute requirement for membership of the R2R.”


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Conference questions not quite up to par! (contd)

Would Conference please discuss and make recommendations on the current wording in the A.A. literature and on the website regarding Open Meetings with a view to making it plainer that those attending A.A. meetings have some connection with alcoholism, either their own or somebody else’s.

1) Background material:

Open Meetings statement (see the national website);
Front covers of the London Where to Find and the
Where to Find A.A. Great Britain and English Speaking Europe.
The A.A. Preamble
Traditions 3, 5, 6 and 10.

2) Recommendation

The first paragraph of the website statement under the headings ‘About AA Meetings’ ‘Open Meetings’ states the case clearly that ‘Open’ meetings are for anyone wanting to solve a personal drinking problem, and for friends and families of those wanting to solve a drinking problem.

The statement on the front covers of the two meeting directories, “Nonalcoholics may attend meetings listed as ‘open’ should I think for clarity and in keeping with A.A.s primary purpose, be changed and carry the same sentence or something similar.


The term and wording “Nonalcoholics may attend meetings listed as ‘open’ on the covers of the two directories would seem not to serve our primary purpose as stated in the last two lines of the Preamble.

It is the case that many who have addictions other than alcohol go along to open meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous for their therapeutic benefit. Such individuals are not attending an A.A. meeting because they are supporting a family member or friend with a drinking problem, or because they have a desire to stop drinking (they may be moderate drinkers) they are attending because they have an addiction, and want to draw strength and comfort from our mature and strong Fellowship. Such individuals frequently share regardless of the fact that alcohol may not be their problem. In this case I feel that Traditions 3, 5, 6 and 10 are being contravened.

In this era where the words “recovery” and “in recovery” have become umbrella terms for those sober from alcohol, clean from drugs or abstinent from sex/food/or rock and roll, Alcoholics Anonymous has a real obligation to hold firmly and clearly to our primary purpose.

Terms of Reference No. 7 Background material did not match question and is already covered in AA literature.

Comment: Too true! It is known that some therapists and treatments centres are advising clients who don't meet our membership requirement to attend AA meetings simply for their therapeutic value (and the fact that they're free!) with a total disregard (thereby demonstrating their disrespect) for our primary purpose Of course the following statements may be read out (where appropriate, and in addition to the Preamble) to clarify what this purpose is.

Source: http://www.aa.org/assets/en_US/f-17_primarypurposestatementcard.pdf 

Furthermore it is perfectly legitimate for members to point out to the interlopers where necessary that whereas they have our sympathy (and perhaps even empathy) they are quite definitely in the WRONG place!

At this point it might be worth considering the potential impact of the 'chit' system (court mandated attendance) on the fellowship where individuals may be referred - or compelled - to attend AA meetings who don't fall into the category of drinker which AA caters for ie. the chronic alcoholic. These individuals may be sent to us purely on the basis of having some kind of drinking problem associated with their offending behaviour. This does not mean they are necessarily alcoholics, and certainly does not imply that AA is the best place for them. But a government looking to make swingeing cuts in public expenditure ie. ours, might be tempted not only to 'dump' these individuals on us but also anyone with any kind of addiction problem in order to save money. The consequences for AA in Great Britain could be as devastating as they have been in some parts of the US already.


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Conference questions not quite up to par! (contd)

Would Conference like to give their approval (or otherwise) of individual members keeping their GPs informed of AA meeting in their areas. This is a very inexpensive way of spreading the message.


It came about when my GP asked me some years ago whether there was a list of AA meetings. I gave her the green one (i.e. without any members’ telephone numbers on it) and have since kept her up to date when a new one is issued. She seems pleased to have it. As you know it also gives our various helplines. It seems to be an effective and inexpensive way of keeping our GPs in the picture and since they presumably are aware of our states of health they will also hopefully observe how effective AA is.

Terms of Reference No. 7 A local PI issue – does not need Conference approval.

Comment: Bloody excellent idea! Who'd've thought common sense might break out in AA. This is how we're supposed to operate. Low key, informal, personal ie the direct antithesis of the AA 'promoters' with their advertising campaigns, banners, meetings at the House of Commons etc. Keep it Simple. Keep it Personal.


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

More background to Plymouth Intergroup fraud allegations

See here for previous entries

So, the Outgoing Chairman is Dave M, he's not from Roads ….... He never once asked to check the books, and has all but shrugged off all responsibility for the events.......

Matt S from Roads audited the accounts, at least two weeks prior to AA Plymouth knowing the details.

Now, a timeline -

About 4 weeks ago AA Plymouth heard the rumours and many Group Consciences were called to discuss the vague details. Most groups voted for no further action to be taken, as we were all informed that the money had been repaid.

It wasn't until 2 weeks later that the amount of £14k was announced. And many groups were very vocal in acknowledging that if the amount was known about pre-emergency Intergroup meeting, then the voting may have taken a very different course.

It was around this time that the name of Mike M …....came to light, as well as the fact that he is employed by the ….....

Intergroup on Sunday 14th was an interesting affair. Dave M chaired the part of the meeting dealing with this issue. Yes! One of the key members, the joint signature bearer of the account, the guy who's signatures was forged, who never checked the books for 3 or 4 years - chaired the part of the meeting regarding his shared incompetence!!!!!

And as stated before - he is maintaining a presence within Intergroup as Prison Liaison Officer!


AND Mr Chairman reports that those above him have advised that it's a GOOD thing that the police aren't getting involved!! Well, that's ok, we'll all be complicit shall we?

And then comes the group consciences following Intergroup, where Mr Chairman accused people of lobbying to get the police involved, until he was shouted down by another AA member - having advised them to "be careful who they listen to"

What a shame he didn't take that advice.



Forgot to inform you that at Region the Regional Reps, both of which are from RTR, refused to read out a letter/statement to Intergroup regarding the financial issues. The Alternative Conference Delegate from the Kingsbridge group was instead forced to do this.

There were, apparently, some arguments before the statement and after it was delivered to region.

[What] Region did? Well, who knows”

RTR watchers at Intergroup regularly heckle other members during debates or when it comes to a non RTR member speaking. No chairman ever challenges, and Dave M could or would never do it. Pretty rotten, huh?”

(Edits to preserve anonymity)

Comment: Gob smacked just about sums it up! Plymouth Intergroup is clearly rotten to the core! But would you expect anything different from a service structure run by the cult?! The police, however, have now been notified of the allegations by us, and have been supplied with all the relevant information at our disposal.


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS Our thanks to our correspondent

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Conference questions not quite up to par! (contd)

Would Conference consider updating the guideline on bullying and conduct in AA, as how AA members should best deal with being bullied or abused anonymously on the internet by AA members?


There are public internet websites in the UK run by UK AA members which regularly name people in the UK fellowship who are identifiable to all members in their regional area. The current guidelines do not cover this eventuality. Members attacked in this way are in an unfortunate position as the internet is not only regional, but national. Also the attacks are by anonymous people so there is no recourse for response. This seems to be an area not covered by the guidelines but one which is causing great upset to a number of members, and disunity on a local and regional level. This is not a local issue as the websites are usually not written by AA members in a different area to that of the people they are bullying. There is national input into these websites, and national distribution.

Terms of Reference No. 7 There have been several submissions covering this topic and a question has been selected that encompasses all areas of the subject matter with appropriate background material.

Comment: As always there's a simple solution! If the bullies, abusers and thugs who regularly appear on our blog discontinue their activities then they will disappear from our site. If not we will continue to publicise their names (and conduct) as widely as possible.... even internationally! We are referring of course to Jon F, Alexis K, Wayne P [Road to Recovery cult group Plymouth], Wally P [Back to Basics franchise, con merchant], Wayne B [Step'n Ahead/Last Mile Foundation .. or whatever it's called these days .. another con man], Harry K [aka Batman – coke head and control freak hailing from CA], Harry A [aka 'the Handbag', 'pill-head' and control freak, East Kent], Richard E [coke head and thug also hailing from CA], Billy [the Kid, thug and control freak, Hampton Wick Friday, Esher Saturday], David B [deceased – but not forgotten – founder of Joys of Recovery and various offshoots – control freak, tried to manipulate his way on to the General Service Board - failed. See also The Fix, AA Cults I Have Known], David C [heir to David B, bigot, control freak, co-publisher of various cult websites, sponsor to Happy Dennis ['fruitcake in residence' Ealing]], Chris R, Myers R [US, both run the Primary Purpose franchise with a sideline in book-binding flogging upmarket Big Book covers to the undiscerning punter], Joe and Charlie [self-proclaimed recovery 'experts' whose extremely patchy (whatever did happen to Chapter 7?) 'Big Book study' has been misinforming AA members for years], Clancy [US, another control freak, Pacific Group 'guru', did a regular 'turn' at the Bristol Reunion, and 'anti beard' for some reason!], Mike Q(uinones) (US, Midtown deceased – good riddance! Sexual predator, control freak etc)... the list goes on.....We're sure we've missed a few other assorted predators, abusers, paedophiles, perverts etc along the way but be sure to mail us and we'll be happy to publicise your activities on the site. We think you get our drift!


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Plymouth (cult) Intergroup (contd)

From a correspondent::

I thought you would be interested in the following numbers:

There are 29 meetings in Plymouth and I would say 27 groups.

There is only ever a maximum of 6 GSRs ever at Plymouth intergroup. One of which is the R2R [Road to Recovery cult group] GSR.

Therefore only 5/27 non R2R groups are ever represented at IG or 18.5%. This is because most real AA groups have actively chosen not to support this intergroup.

The obvious question to me is how can this gathering be referred to as Plymouth Intergroup when it does not represent Plymouth AA.”


The other issue of Plymouth intergroup being undemocratic and unrepresentative was also raised. A non R2R GSR asked if a sub committee could be formed to determine why this was. This was also voted down by R2R members.

I am sure that you get the picture. If only GSRs were allowed to vote then Plymouth IG would be democratic, but most of the other Intergroup officers are R2R clones who vote in unison. It is very unhealthy and gives R2R an unassailable majority.

This is why most Plymouth groups do not attend or financially support this intergroup. We are called apathetic, but that is not the case. Our particular group conscience actively decided we want nothing to do with IG.”

Comment: It seems to us there are a number of alternatives here:

  1. Rally the troops and send enough GSRs to Plymouth Intergroup to vote out the Road to Recovery cult group's officers and install AA members in their place;
  2. Set up an alternative Intergroup excluding all R2R members. Other intergroups are hardly going to accord the existing intergroup recognition if it only has one GSR;
  3. South West Region (and AA generally) puts into action Tradition Four and refuses to recognise the existing cult intergroup, and excludes its officers from any kind of participation in the service structure (much like de-listing a cult group). This would leave Plymouth without an effective intergroup ….. but then it doesn't have one anyway

The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

PS Jon F (remember him – An Incident at Conference) is 'acting out' true to form and continues to try and bully other members picking on women especially so we hear

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Conference questions not quite up to par! (contd)

Would conference give guidance as to how best to deal with AA lobbying websites likely to cause public controversy showing up prominently in search engines related to the search phrase “Alcoholics


It is generally considered that being on the first page of search results in Google makes you extremely relevant to the search phrase, and being in the first 3 pages makes you relevant. A large number of newcomers and
professionals approach AA for the first time through Google and other search engines. Searches such as: Alcoholics anonymous South East Uk, Alcoholics anonymous Bedfordshire, Alcoholics anonymous Essex, alcoholics anonymous Cambridgeshire, lead to one or more results in the first 2 pages which say that parts of AA are highly dangerous. Searches for Alcoholics Anonymous Aberdeen, Alcoholics Anonymous Kent, Alcoholics Anonymous Hampshire Uk, Alcoholics Anonymous Middlesex give search results for these websites on the very first page presented. For the newcomer and professionals the publically [sic] accessible nature of these websites could confuse them or put them off from having anything to do with AA. This issue  effects [sic] AA as a whole as internet searches are national. It is possible to create members‐only websites which are less visible to search engines. It is possible to hire search consultants to help adjust search engine rankings to put such web results lower down the rankings.

Terms of Reference No. 7 Fully covered by Tradition 10

Comment: Not to mention searches for “Alcoholics Anonymous GB”!


The Fellas (Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous)

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